Present this project in your venue, festival or concert series.

VISUALITY is a flexible show that can be adapted to a lot of types of spaces.

VISUALITY is presented with a total of 8 artists from New York City CreArtBox´s roster.

1 Flute / projection designer
1 Pianist / managing director
1 Clarinetist
1 Cellist
1 Violinist
1 Actor
1 Dancer
1 Light designer / stage manager

Total people traveling: 8

*An optional “compact” version of VISUALITY  is available with a total of 4 artists from CreArtBox´s roster.


A clean mopped and dark performance area that is a minimum of 10 ft. by 15 ft. and at least 3 ft. from the audience.


One nine-foot (9′) Steinway concert grand piano is preferred, in excellent condition, to be tuned to “A-440” on the morning of performance and an adjustable piano bench. Any other “excellent” concert grand should be acceptable. See stage plot for placement.


ARTIST will use the venue audio system, which should include appropriate and professional audio console, speakers, and monitors for venue dimensions.


CreArtBox will provide 3 projectors and a computer to run the projections of the show, but one extra projector of at least 10000 lumens is preferred.


A Light Technician for set-up and operation.
8 Etc Source Four Pars.
5 ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal.
2 PAR 16.


Two private dressing rooms with easy access to the stage.


The ARTIST will be happy to attend receptions depending upon the travel schedule. Please clear all receptions in advance with the representative of the tour upon initial contact.


The ARTIST will have merchandise for sale. Presenter agrees to provide table(s) and volunteer(s) to sell merchandise before the concert, at intermission, and after the concert. The Artist will provide cash and bank for transactions.


Local presenter agrees to hold 10 seats for use by ARTIST. If there is ANY type of gate split related to a negotiated agreement between presenter and ARTIST, no complimentary tickets will be given out without permission by ARTIST.

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